Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Hospital executives perform the daunting task of keeping pace with a dynamic healthcare environment – varying patient volumes, fluctuating supply costs, stringent government requirements, staffing shortages, and asset utilisation.

To take informed decisions and maintain a competitive advantage, executives need real-time actionable information at their finger tips, despite disparate silos of data across various departments. Often there are “multiple versions of the truth” about hospital performance.

As an integration partner of Knowage, we can support you with an Enterprise BI package without the high costs of traditional BI packages. So you pay one price per year, regardless of the number of users.

Knowage Enterprise, is a complete BI package based on the open source variant Knowage CE.  It also offers extensive possibilities to create interactive dashboards, reports, What-if analysis, big-data analysis, geo-mapping, integration of R and Phyton, etc.

For an overview of the most important functionalities please watch the video below

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