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Better In, Better Out

Personal, perioperative care

For elderly and vulnerable patients, surgery is a major life event that is often accompanied by a decline in physical, mental and social functioning. Their self-reliance is therefore often at stake.

“Better In, Better Out”
Various hospitals in the Netherlands therefore focus on an innovative approach to perioperative care. The aim is to promote that this group of patients, through preventive care and lifestyle guidance, can function vitally in their own environment before and also soon after their operation. The “Better In, Better Out” approach accurately aligns perioperative care with individual patient needs and risks. This personal approach to prehabilitation demonstrably results in good patient experiences, better functionality and condition, and thus leads to more efficient care.

“Better In, Better Out” combines:

  • Personal risk stratification
  • Prehabilitation prior to surgery
  • Early activation, immediately after the procedure