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Maturity Scans

Our Maturity Scans perform exploratory studies into possible process optimisations in healthcare departments. They offer an external perspective on business operations and -culture, with special attention to for instance capacity issues, such as staff shortages.

A Maturity Scan identifies strengths, bottlenecks and waste in existing processes and proposes improvements based on existing “best practices” and benchmarks.

Our Maturity Scans combine:

  • Data analysis (“voice of the data”)
  • Interviews (“voice of the people”)
  • Observations (“voice of the process”)


Maturity Modeling

Maturity models are tools that help people assess the effectiveness of an organisation and support figuring out what capabilities need to be acquired next, in order to improve performance.

Maturity models are structured as a series of levels of increasing effectiveness, which organisations pass through as they become more capable. Working with maturity models begins with an assessment of the level the subject organisation is currently performing at. The next level up subsequently determines which capabilities need to be acquired next.

We offer maturity models in various fields including “patient flow”, radiology-, and integral capacity management.