About Ximius

About Ximius

At Ximius we practice everything there is to know about Patient Flow and Integral Capacity Management in the healthcare sector. Through our unique data-driven approach we strive to achieve positive outcomes and improve efficiency for both patients and staff.

XIMIUS was founded by three Dutch entrepreneurs with many years of experience in the health care sector and in the development of software. Located in Eindhoven we work together with talented ambitious young developers from the Technical University. XIMIUS integrates hospitals data, visualizes it, and then uses best of breed software to with algorithm support decision making to effectively prevent operational problems. This also includes training and supporting employees and teams in order to continuously improve performance. We combine our own tools and services with the HOTflo software solutions from Performation, which are used in more than half of all hospitals in the Netherlands and are now also gaining interest in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

At XIMIUS, we believe it is important to be at the forefront of working methods, concepts, and technologies. Customers and employees inspire us to create solutions for better patient care.

Call us or stop by our office to find out how our services and solutions can be tailored and implemented to your healthcare facility.

The Executive Management Team

Mark Jas


Mark Jas is an entrepreneur and IT specialist. With 15 years of experience in the sector, he has led various migrations, deployments and other IT projects.

By being involved in software development and working closely with all parties involved, IT projects are implemented quickly and effectively.


Robert Quanjel


Robert Quanjel, MBA is an entrepreneur and implementation specialist. Robert co-founded HOTflo in 2012, with the strong belief that visualising data could really help quality and efficiency in Healthcare.

As a Lean-Six Sigma black belt, applying these principles in combination with software tools, Robert is enabling change for your organisation.